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Male chastity cages are the perfect tools for controlling your man. There are so many different designs available now.

Hard core male chastity cages do not allow the wearer any pleasure unless their master allows them to by releasing them from the bondage of wearing a cage.


Most men who are into male chastity and male chastity cages are into other fetish delights. Some enjoy being a male feminine, others slaves, some love spandex and rubber play.  Feel free to check out the new male chastity cages, fem style swimwear for men, micro mens swimwear, spandex fetish wear and so much more!

The Purpose of Male Chastity Cages

People that aren’t that familiar with the male chastity lifestyle most likely have no clue why male chastity cages are needed. Even though a significant portion of the world’s population is involved in the chastity lifestyle in some form, it’s these cages that seem to need an explanation more than anything else. That probably shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, though. It’s pretty clear what whips, chains, cat o’ nine tails, and other items along those lines are meant to be used for. These items are used to keep slaves and submissives in line, which can also keep them chaste and behaving themselves, but they’re used for other types of training, too. Now, on the other hand, the cage is a different story.

Before understanding about male chastity cages, it’s important to understand more about what male chastity actually is. Male chastity can be practiced as a lifestyle and is the main part of a relationship. In these cases, it’s not just a game that couples play. Chastity and Domination lifestyles combine the mind, body and emotions of both the Dominant partner as well as the submissive. Chastity is considered to be an experience that blends the physical, intellectual, and emotional as well as the sexual. It’s an added component of control that a submissive male can fully understand. When control is used in chastity, it’s enhanced by the intellectual response to the control of the submissive’s desire.

Basically, male chastity is the art of denying a man his desire to reach orgasm. This is done through limiting the stimulation that his penis gets to enjoy and turning over the control of his sexual release to his Key Holder. The Key Holder is the person that keeps the key to the male chastity cages. This person can be a partner, a Mistress or a Master, or whoever the Dominant one is in the relationship is. Whoever the Key Holder is must be a trusted individual for obvious reasons. This person makes all the decisions regarding when, how often, and in what way the man will be allowed to reach an orgasm. Methods for release can be masturbation, sexual intercourse, prostatic milking, and in Domination environment, it might be a type of humiliation to achieve sexual release.

Male chastity cages are designed for the express purpose of getting a man to be chaste and keeping him that way. There are various reasons that this might be a handy thing to have. To begin with, chastity is just what it implies. These chastity cages are designed to be placed around a man’s penis in such a way as to imprison it while also allowing it to breathe. The cage is then locked and the key is placed in the possession of the Key Holder. Keys to male chastity cages are held very close to the vest because the men must earn the right to have the cage unlocked and removed. This is true even if it’s for a little while. Some men, however, insist that their cages need to be removed for proper bathing purposes. In these cases, the Key Holder will consent to unlock and remove the cage during showers or baths. Typically, though, there are some rules set ahead of time. Many Key Holders are so strict with their submissives that they will stand and watch them shower to insure that no masturbation takes place while the cage is removed for bathing purposes.

Male chastity cages are used in the teasing, denial and controlling of the man’s desire to have sexual release. When someone engages in chastity play, they create a longing and wanting in the male all while he’s locked up in his cage. He doesn’t get to reach orgasm, and rarely even an erection, while locked up until his Key Holder allows it.

The majority of people that practice a chastity lifestyle don’t view it as denying sexual intimacy or sexual intercourse. Male chastity cages are simply a part of the props for people in this lifestyle. It’s all about the control of how and when an orgasm will be allowed while building sexual tension from normal teasing and denial play. Admittedly, there are some men that are worried about losing the intimacy and closeness that they have with their partners, or Key Holders, which comes from physically making love together. This seems to be a needless worry; however, as a significant number of couples practicing male chastity say that their intimacy and sexual connections actually grow because of this addition to their lifestyles. When you consider the part that male chastity cages play in this, it’s not quite that hard to comprehend. While the male is wearing his chastity cage, he’s focusing all of his sexual energy onto his Key Holder. It bears repeating that many men continue to have regular sexual activity. Many report that their sexual contact is increased. The difference is that the man isn’t having an orgasm with each sexual encounter. In a Domination situation, the focus is pleasuring the dominant partner. However, the intimacy between the partners is still very much evident.

Keep in mind that chastity isn’t really about denying a man intimacy and sex. The purpose is for frustration, hope and anticipation of being allowed to reach an orgasm to build up. This is the sexy part of chastity. When male chastity cages are used, you’ll find that there are many paths to be followed in the cycle of causing frustration, then anticipation and, at last, the orgasm. It’s called teasing and denial. The way you and your partner decide to include chastity in your relationship is completely up to you. Lots of submissive men love chastity play because they want to please their dominant partner. Just knowing that if they give up their power, please their partners, and bow down to the wishes of their owners, they will earn the right to have an orgasm is more than enough for them.

Another aspect of chastity where male chastity cages are used is when the male in a relationship simply cannot seem to keep his zipper up. This isn’t practiced quite as much as the couples that do it for fun, but it does happen. For instance, if a male partner just can’t ignore those impromptu seductions and must give in every time to instant gratification with someone other than his partner, the wronged partner may become tired enough of it that he or she insists on the slut partner engaging in a chastity lifestyle, at least temporarily, until he learns his lesson.

The way this situation works is that the partner who will become the Key Holder to the cage will sit down and look online at a website like There are various male chastity cages on this website ranging from beginner styles to the more advanced versions. If you’ve never experienced wearing a chastity cage before and you’ve managed to piss off your partner with your various and numerous infidelities, then you better hope that your partner is knowledgeable enough to choose a beginner style of cage for you. Otherwise, you’re in for a very interesting time of it as you adjust to wearing something around your penis at all times.

Once the cage has been selected and ordered, you might not want to do anything else to upset your partner during the waiting period for the cage to arrive. Of course, depending on how bad you are, you may be thinking that with the eminent arrival of male chastity cages, you should run out and have as many random sexual encounters as possible before you’re penis is locked up. Think about that carefully before acting on it, though. There’s always an excellent chance that you’ll be caught and that will only make your partner that much angrier at you. In fact, it could make them angry enough that they’ll be packed and gone by the time your cage arrives.

The thing is, some men just can’t turn down a chance for some extracurricular sex. It’s not so bad if those men are single and don’t have anyone waiting for them at home. On the other hand, the ones that are in what are supposed to be committed relationships might get a lot of benefit from the use of male chastity cages. So if you happen to be one of these men and your partner cares enough about you to try to reform you and make the relationship work, cages might just be the answer to the problem. You should keep in mind that wearing one of these cages is going to mean you’re not able to participate in impromptu and random sexual encounters with anyone that offers. Instead, you’ll be limited to having sex when your partner, also known as your Key Holder, allows it. That’s the only way that you’ll be trained and be rid of those terrible habits that can not only give you questionable diseases but can also keep you from ever having a successful and meaningful romantic relationship.

Male chastity cages will keep your penis locked up safely away from temptation. So when you’re out and about without your partner and someone really hot hits on you, it will be necessary to turn that person down because your penis will be locked up in a cage. Besides, you’ll be reminded strongly of this when your penis starts to become erect as you get more aroused and interested in acting on this cheating impulse. As you start to get that erection, the bars of the cage will start to dig into your penis, which will be a bit painful and will probably discourage the erection from completing itself.

That’s ok, though, because that’s one of the purposes of male chastity cages. You’re wearing a cage because you need to be reminded that you’re not meant to become sexually aroused with anyone except your partner or your Key Holder.  The fact that you’re wearing it is because you can’t control your erections even though you’re getting them during inappropriate situations. The use of these cages can and have saved many relationships where the male partner was cheating and couldn’t seem to control that part of his life. His Key Holder keeps the cage locked and this prevents him from indulging in any cheating.

While incorporating the use of male chastity cages can go a long way to saving relationships as well as spicing up some relationships that may have gone dull, there is still another group of men that put these cages into use. These men are single so they have to come up with various and ingenious ways to invent their own Key Holders. Some of these men simply have a lot of self-discipline and they can put the key to the cage in a safe place and resolve not to touch it until a specific day and time. Nothing will make them touch that key until the designated time. While it may seem that these men don’t need any more disciplining if they can keep from going for the key at any time they choose, that would be a misconception. These men may be able to control their compulsion to unlock their male chastity cages, but it’s a bit more difficult to control their sexual urges that lead them into inappropriate physical encounters. They can often find themselves in the stalls of nightclub bathrooms with strangers whose names they don’t even know. If they’re wearing a chastity cage and they don’t have the key, not much is going to happen in those bathroom stalls or in the back alleys.

Now, it’s time to take a look at where someone would find such items as these. They’ve always been around in some form or fashion if people just knew where to look. To begin with, there have always been adult entertainment stores where people can go to buy their toys, movies, and literature. Usually, in the early days of these shops, it was mostly men that visited them. Some may have sold male chastity cages that long ago, but if they did, it was likely that the choices weren’t all that impressive or numerous. These days, however, if you happen to live in an area where there are some high end adult entertainment stores, you’ll likely find any type of chastity equipment and items that you’re interested in testing out. So, if you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, you can start with your local adult entertainment shops.

Lots of men, however, are rather shy and just can’t bring themselves to enter one of these types of stores. If they can manage to go into the doors, they’re probably not going to be able to actually go and look at such things as male chastity cages. What if someone they knew saw them? How on earth would they ever be able to explain what they were doing there? Well, if they actually thought about it, they would understand that they could also be asking the same question of the person that has spotted them. So if you’re one of those shy men that are hesitant to physically shop for your chastity devices due to the fear of discovery, simply turn it back around on that person that has busted you. Ask them what they are doing there if they’re stupid enough to ask you that question.

Male chastity cages can be bought in other ways, too. For instance, there are thousands and thousands of websites all over the Internet that sell all sorts of male chastity items. It’s actually not that difficult to find them, either. Just put in “male chastity items” into the search box and you’ll be amazed at the sheer volume of these sites that will pop up for you. In fact, the hardest part of the entire excursion is in choosing the best website to shop from. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that hard. It can be very easy for you to find the best website to buy your male chastity cages from.

All you need to do is head to This is a mens specialty wear website that also includes some other items that men may be interested in. These include things like penis enlargement systems and chastity devices for men. The great thing about is that everything there is designed by an experienced designer. This designer, Michael David, understands what discerning males want. He knows what men that are sexually open need in their lives to spice things up. When he designs something to put on his website for the men that shop there, he tries it out personally. This goes for each item that he creates. If he’s not happy with absolutely everything about the item, then he takes it back to the drawing board and starts all over. This includes male chastity cages. There aren’t many designers that can make that claim.

Another thing you can count on when you order items from is the quality that you’re going to get. Everything that you find there is of the highest quality. In other words, there won’t be any chastity cages made from materials that will cause your penis to turn green or give you any sort of infection. They also sell items that are perfect for beginners in the chastity lifestyle. It’s rarely a good idea to jump in head first with this type of lifestyle. There are all kinds of devices and items that you can use to ease yourself into the chastity lifestyle. Even male chastity cages are made from a simple style to the more advanced style.

While you hear about chastity cages, they don’t all have to be of a cage design. Many are pouches and other styles that serve to keep a man’s penis locked up so that not only is he unable to become fully erect, but he is not able to indulge in sexual gratification of any sort. Of course, he can still give but he can’t receive, which is the whole point. Chastity items are also created from various materials. These can be metals of different types, Spandex styles, and leather ones. It really depends on what you’re looking for and what you hope to get from the experience.

Male chastity cages can be the answer to many things in a relationship as you can see by now. If you’ve got a wandering partner that can’t seem to stop cheating on you, a chastity cage can be the answer to putting an end to it. Maybe some of the excitement has gone out of your relationship. Chastity cages can actually bring it back. It can be a game played sometimes or it can become a lifestyle. A single man can use these cages for reasons of their own. It really doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, inserting chastity play into your life can become a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Just be sure that when you start shopping for your male chastity cages, you know what you’re looking for. If you don’t really know what you’re doing, get some professional assistance. This can come in the form of a Dominatrix or Master that use chastity play in their sessions. You can even ask a trusted friend to help you choose the right cage unless you have a partner. Then your partner should sit down with you and the two of make the choice together. If you want to make it easy on both of you, just go to and look at the various chastity devices they have for sale. Then, you can select from the male chastity cages that you see displayed there. makes it clear in the very detailed descriptions that accompany the product exactly what you’ll be getting when you order a chastity cage. Not only that, but there are real life models that show you just how something is supposed to fit and look once you put it on. If your partner is going to be joining you on this journey, he or she should become a huge part of the entire exercise. This may not be a lifestyle that you’ll always remain in or it might be something you choose to do from now on. The point is, chastity can change your life.


In fact many men are chosing their own male chastity cages so they won't cheat on their partners and are more able to keep their urges in check.

There are both men who enjoy wearing male chastity cages and there are woman who force their men to wear them.

What ever the situation is you will find one of the worlds largest selection of male chastity cages at Mens swimwear

This is the site for which not only sells male chastity cages but offer stainless steel toys for men, the worlds most extreme swimwear, fetish spandex and so much more including male to female transformation designs and male enhancement products.


Make sure to visit the Male chastity site to see close up detailed photos of models wearing male chastity cages in extreme detail.


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Male chastity


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Are You Ready for a Male Chastity Lifestyle?

A male chastity lifestyle isn’t one that should be entered into lightly. It is actually a much more serious decision than most people think. For some men, it’s a no brainer. On the other hand, some men seem to agonize over whether or not it’s a lifestyle that they could or would even want to consider. The simple answer might just be that if you have to think about it so much, it’s probably not something you want to get involved with.

To begin with, the men that are already active in the male chastity lifestyle have always sort of known that a different type of life was meant for them. They probably felt a bit different when they were growing up, like they didn’t like trying to feel in control of everything. It could have been that they felt out of control and wanted that control back in some form. Men like this have probably been searching for a long time for a way to enhance their lives while controlling certain urges. Happily, now there are certain items that will give them exactly what they’re looking for.

Now, for the men that aren’t exactly sure they like having the control ripped away from them, it’s probably not the best idea to become involved in a male chastity way of life. As lack of control, or turning your control over to someone else, will bother a personality like this quite a lot, think about it carefully. You’ll also probably want to do a bit research before you decide to even try this kind of living.

To begin with, men that choose a chastity lifestyle do so because it’s exciting to them for someone else be in charge of their pleasure. These people can be a boyfriend or a girlfriend or just someone that they play with. It really doesn’t matter in the end what person is in charge. What does matter is that this person is going to turn into the most important person in a man’s life when he’s into male chastity.   

The person that controls the lock on the chastity device is called the Key Holder. In a heterosexual relationship, the Key Holder would be the woman, as she is in charge of the man’s pleasure. That means she decides when her man is allowed to have pleasure. She also is the one that decides how he will have pleasure. She’s also in charge of deciding if he actually gets to completely reach his pleasure peak or not. Many times, if a man has displeased his Key Holder in some way, then he’s not allowed to experience total sexual release. She’ll tease him a lot and will maybe even remove the male chastity device, but she just won’t allow him to reach an orgasm.

Now, suppose you’re in a gay relationship and a boyfriend or husband is going to be the Key Holder of your device. Other than a man is the Key Holder rather than a woman, the rules are still pretty much the same. Your partner is in charge of your pleasure and he decides when and if you have it. There’s no getting around this aspect of chastity play because that’s pretty much what it’s all about. Again, it’s about control and the fact that you don’t have it. You’ve turned your pleasure over to your partner.

Male chastity can be practiced by a single man, believe it or not. Granted, it will be a bit tricky because there’s no real Key Holder, but it can be done. All it takes is a bit of creativity, ingenuity and perseverance. Obviously, if you’re single, you most likely won’t have anyone to be your Key Holder so you’ll need to figure out a way to do it yourself. The key will need to be accessible in the event of an emergency, but you’re going to need to promise yourself that you won’t use the key until the conditions that you’ve set for yourself are met. This takes commitment to not just caving in every time you get a little horny.  

Remember, male chastity is about discipline and control. It’s not going to really work unless you’re committed to keeping your chastity device in place. So decide ahead of time how long the device will be worn and what the goals of discipline are that you’re trying to reach. With that information in mind, it’s time to start shopping around for some of the best chastity products for men available in today’s market.

Admittedly, it’s going to be difficult to find some great chastity devices in local shops unless you happen to frequent an adult store. That’s why men typically shop for and buy their male chastity devices from online vendors. When you search for chastity devices, you’ll be astounded at just how many websites there are in existence that sell these types of items. Now, you can choose to plow your way through all of those websites looking for what you need, or you can simply go to the top of the list and choose This is the website to go to for all of your specialty menswear needs. Not only do they sell a variety of chastity items, but they also sell high quality designer swimwear, bikinis, thongs and other fetish wear for men.


Male chastity training blog

Male chastity items purchased at are guaranteed to be of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. In addition, these items are priced very affordably, which means that you can always buy more than just one at a time if you want to. If you’re serious about your lifestyle, you’re going to find just what you need all on one website.

For example, there’s the Man Whore Silicone Cock Cage, which is a complete chastity system for men. It includes rings in sizes of 41mm, 47mm and 52mm as well as standard and one time use locks. These sets are made with high quality materials and designed for both looks and comfort. Safe and effective, this male chastity item is the perfect fit whether you’re new to all of this or you’ve been living the lifestyle for years. The Man Whore Cage is made to work with other swim and fetish wear products sold on Also, it’s made from silicone, so it molds well to the majority of pouch shapes.

Another chastity device you want to have a look at is the Matrix Black Mamba. This one is both beautiful and effective. It’s a powder coated cock cage that not only looks awesome, but will keep you in line when those certain urges hit. It also showcases your cock in a way that makes it delectable as well as gorgeous.

Next, there’s the Manless Ultra male chastity device.  This is a full chastity system that’s proved to be quite popular since its recent introduction on the website. It comes with multiple parts such as rings and spacers that allow you to make it fit perfectly no matter what size your cock is. The Manless Ultra is made to be used in the long term and is just right for newcomers to the lifestyle as well as the guys that never take off their devices. Constructed from solid plastic in a black color, the design is sturdy without question.

There are two other versions of this particular male chastity device. They’re exactly the same as the Manless Ultra in black except they’re in different colors. There’s the Red Devil that’s self- described as it is a fiery red just like the Devil himself. Then, there’s there Blue Prince. Tinted with a lovely clear blue, it may just describe how you feel when you’re made to turn your pleasure over to someone else.

Any of these devices are perfect to try out if you’re serious about experimenting with this particular lifestyle. You can always depend upon to offer safe and effective items whether it’s for male chastity or just some playtime for yourself. The designs will sell you on them after only one time in experimenting with them. Not only that, but the chastity items will prove to you without a shadow of a doubt just how effective they are.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the sort of devices you’ll be required to wear, you may want to know a little more about what they actually do. In short, a chastity device is going to lock up your cock nice and tight and will keep you from giving into those sudden sexual urges you may have had in the past. Simply put, male chastity devices keep you from getting an erection. If your cock attempts to get hard, there will be only a half-mast effect allowed before the process becomes a bit painful. Obviously, the pain will take your mind off of your arousal and the erection will start to recede.

Naturally, this is something that may not appeal to all men. That’s understandable since an erection is meant for pleasure and shouldn’t be a painful experience, in theory. However, for other men, this pain is exactly what they feel is necessary for them. They know that they need to be disciplined, and that their pleasure should be in the hands of someone superior to themselves. That’s what male chastity is basically all about.

If you feel that you’re not exactly a “good boy” and that someone needs to be telling you when you can and cannot experience sexual pleasure, then a chastity lifestyle may be for you. Another reason it may apply is if you just cannot seem to keep your cock in your pants and you keep cheating on your partner. In this case, the chastity experience may be just what you need. Your partner will be the Key Holder, of course, and will probably have all sorts of suitable punishments to deliver to you.

Some men like to get into male chastity simply out of curiosity. These are the men that are open minded and enjoy trying out new things sexually. They’ve probably also tried out wearing Spandex or Latex full body suits and acted out some pretty hot role playing sessions. These guys may or may not stick with a chastity environment, but they’ll at least give it shot and see how it makes them feel.

You should know that if you try it out and you don’t happen to like it, there’s nothing that says you have keep living that way.  The only men that continue living in the lifestyle of male chastity are those that are truly into it and understand what it means. They’ve made a commitment to themselves as well as to their partners that they will remain “pure” until their Key Holders have decided otherwise.

This may not sound very sexy to a lot of men because they focus on their erect cocks to give them pleasure. However, when you enter into a chastity situation, you’ll be amazed at just how many different things will start to give you pleasure. There are other ways to enjoy sensuality besides just having intercourse. That’s what the men that engage in a male chastity lifestyle discover. It makes sense as they can no longer depend on their cocks to grant them that pleasure. Now they have to look in other directions to find those sensations that having sex has granted them in the past.

If you’re a bit open minded and curious about what else is out there when it comes to sexual pleasure, this may be a route for you try. Again, it’s not for every man, but rather, it’s for men that enjoy trying out new adventures in the arena of pleasure. If you’re not into it, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. However, you must remember that for those men that male chastity is a lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong with them, either.

Refrain from being judgmental, particularly in public, because you never know how many of your friends or male relatives may be into this type of thing. If they hear you talking about it in a negative and insulting way, you may lose those friends and the relatives may never speak to you again. Keep in mind that everyone is into different things in life and this is never truer than with a chastity lifestyle.

There has been quite a lot of variety of male chastity items that has gone out of the adult market today. One of the many has been the common metal with leather straps. But as patrons keep going back to ask for more, different designs and looks have emerged. This is good news to the adult fun loving crowd.


Lots of reviews can be found online which can help you a lot to decide when you wanted to get the male chastity item. Normally, this is shared with your partner. Sometimes it can be her (him) who would choose it for you. For the first timer, you can go easy on trying the most common one.


Back in the 1880’s, these chastity items for men were made to control the men at those times from masturbation. According to the ancient beliefs, masturbation is evil and should not be done especially by the younger boys. It is an act of self-abuse that should not be tolerated because frequent masturbating would eventually make a man into a drooling idiot. This strong belief existed back then, which however in some religious communities still exist up to now.  However, during the modern times, the society has come to accept that personal gratification is not self-abusive but rather comforting, satisfying, pleasing, and fulfilling. These are very good indications to boost one’s self-esteem. A masturbating man shows his activeness, his youth, and his appetite to be a man to his partner and proves the ability that he can do his manly duties.


Straight men have come to feed their curiousness over male chastity and sexy underwear too. More and more have wanted to try one and they go find to buy from adult store or from online. is one of the boldest online adult shops that you can find. The wide choices of men’s sexy underwear, men’s swimwear, thongs and the like are there for you to feast on.


Some men would like to keep trying the different types of a male chastity just to get the feel of it. Some men would like to try because they find it sexy and hot when they put it on. An active man would want to wear it to get that restricted feeling to touch himself and let the lust feeling build up while he is wearing the male chastity only for him to get so worked up and could not take it anymore but masturbate fiercely. That gives him a very good burst of climax which is very gratifying. The feeling of spent after cumming so hard is just pure bliss that you want to cum some more.


Wearing these chastises does not mean you want to deprive yourself from getting aroused. It is just a fashion statement to many and a playful thing to some. However you wish to use it, it will be worth a try.


To the eager beaver wearer of the male chastity, some would tell you to try another type other than the common steel enclosed ones. There is this model type that encloses your penis shaft up to the base where it meets the balls, and enclosing the base of the balls with a hoop ring. Some of the materials are soft metal screen, while others are spandex, stretchy materials too. You have unlimited options to choose from.

To many, this is used to add fire and spice to the sexual act. To some, it is just a fetish, a fetish that needs a lot of feeding.  Sometimes it is even the partners who would ask their men to wear one, maybe just for the fun of it, or just because she wanted to get hot just by looking at you. Whatever the reason be, it is a good sign of a healthy sexual life. Do not lose that vibe. Moreover, you got to find ways to feed it more.


You can try to wear a stainless steel caged type with a tiny padlock around the ring that supports the balls. You will see how she will get so hot with you wearing one. The view of a caged cock is very enticing for a woman. It is like teasing her to get you out from the male chastity cage so she can have her way with you. But since she cannot do that, a lot of oral and stimulation will rather happen. Watch her lick you from the open slits of the cage since it are the only thing she can do at the moment. Feel that pleasing sensation that her tongue is giving your caged cock whenever her tongue tip touches your cock’s skin. She will try to make you grow and erect while locked in the male chastity cage. It is a combination of arousal and sweet-teasing that you get from her. She gets more excited herself knowing that she can make you hot and erected with just little stimulation from her tongue and lips due to the cage. The soft and wet tongue that glides along your shaft from base to tips would be exhilarating enough, but she would not stop there. More licking and a few sucking on your exposed balls will be done while you are wearing the cage. Let it be your intimate sweet foreplay that would absolutely lead to a full hard-on in a few minutes.


Once you are fully erected and the entire penis shaft has covered all of the cage spaces, it is the time when you feel you need to get free. The male chastity will keep you held in and restricted to more oral masturbation and hand jobs. It will let you build up that climactic feeling but it would not stop you from climaxing hard when you reach your peak and is still wrapped in the male chastity cage. It will be a hot bursting of cums for her while you are caged in. This adds more spice to the upcoming sexual act.


One of my experiences of wearing the cage has been a very memorable moment that I share with my woman at the time. She was so into kink just like I am but she never knew I would wear a male chastity, which I did in one our erotic tryst. So there we were, out somewhere sexy and romantic place, just the two of us to spend some quality time together after a long week of working. She surprised me when she put on very sheer lingerie in red. It was a turn on to see already and I can feel my cock trying to get out of the cage which I already put on when I took my turn in the bathroom. No, she did not suspect me wearing it since my cargo pants is pretty thick. She thought it is my entire building bulge.


She walked closer to me as I was standing by the balcony, and we started to kiss. I can feel her hands running all over my body and soon enough she was trying to get my pants off. I let her undo my belt, undo my button, and unzip my fly. I was not wearing anything under my pants so I am sure she will feel the cage as soon as she slipped her hand inside. Once she did, I felt her kissing stopped. She looked at me with those big blue eyes and stared at me. I felt her fingers brush to my cock skin and it sent tingles all over my legs. She felt it and proceed to push off the rest of my pants leaving me exposed to only the male chastity on me.


I parted my legs to give her the full view, my back was rested on the railing of the balcony of our room, and I was looking down at her as she started to kneel between my open legs. She smiled at me as she started to cup my exposed balls in her hands and began to lick my hardening cock that was still locked in the stainless steel cage. I felt a sudden burst of lustiness and ache the moment she did that. The knowledge of not being able to thrust my cock on to her mouth was insanely a good feel for me. I felt restrained yet fragile to her since she can do oral to me while I am wearing the male chastity. The control was all on her. I succumbed to her oral masturbating me. Her lips kissing my cock, her tongues licking the edges and pulling some exposed skin with her teeth was driving me crazy and made me so hot. She knew I was in pleasure with all the grunting and moaning I was doing. She loved it. A little sucking on my wet cock tips every now and then when I was oozing pre-cum for her. The sensation of being limited, constrained, controlled made me want her so bad. The male chastity was doing so great to make me feel hungry to fuck her mouth soon.


She did not ask me to give her key to the male chastity lock; the glint in her eyes showed me that she was enjoying the play. She liked the control over me at the time, and she gets so turned on herself and started to wet. The night was young and we have all the time to have a real raw fuck later, so she decided to make me climax while wearing the cage. I could not wait, I wanted to burst right there and there but the cage is holding me in. A few more of her lusty wet licks along the shaft and sucks on my cock slit and I knew, I was ready to burst. She cupped my heavy firm balls and I started to spray on her face while I was still in the locked male chastity cage. It was such a wonderful release. The feeling of constraint and yet was able to discharge was virtuously ecstatic!


We shared a few giggles and started to make out again. We talked a while about how exactly did I even thought of getting myself a male chastity like that. I made it sure that she understood that it was one of the many fetishes and kinks that I enjoy now and was hopeful that she would come to enjoy it with me. She told me it turned her instantly on when she saw the cage. She never thought that I would be wearing one like that. She was expecting some sexy under wears or a thong that we saw in one of the online shops. The element of surprise that has given her was a big foreplay on itself. We had a whole night of hard fucking and wild sex after. I was so glad I took the courage to get a male chastity that day. Now I am on to find another type that would do the same to my woman since she already know the kinkiness that I have. She still could not believe that behind the serious look of me, I have a big hunger for kinks. Well, I do.


To the men out there, it is time to get your own experience of the male chastity. It does not necessarily have to be the cage, though it is one of the common yet very effective arousing items to play with, but you have a lot of options that you can find at It is time to unleash the sexy beast you have been hiding for so long. Make her want you more while restricting her access to you. It will cause a build-up that will have to wait until it is time to let the birdie free. Make it an exciting sexcapade for you and her (him); make it a discreet encounter while you role-play; make it a habit that both will be looking forward each time you spend a weekend of lust.


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