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Considering Male Chastity Long Term

Author: Kenrick E. Cleveland

All women know that men cannot be trusted to make the best sexual choices for themselves and their partners. They simply lack the basic self-control required to live up to their marital responsibilities. That's why they need our loving guidance if they are going to become the type of husbands we expect and deserve.

Beyond that, most men are ashamed of the way they behave sexually. They know that looking at porn if they are in a committed relationship is wrong, but they can't help themselves. They know that masturbating every day while thinking about other women is no different than cheating on their wives, but their biology forces them to do it anyway. That's why they are generally grateful when their wives make the right decision and put them in enforced male chastity.

When male chastity becomes your lifestyle choice, everybody wins. That said, there are two different types of male chastity you can try, and it's a good idea to figure out which one will best serve your needs.

The first is short-term male chastity. Under this arrangement, the man is locked up for a day or two at a time and then unleashed when his wife wants to make love. This is an excellent way for a woman to make sure he will not masturbate or be in any way unfaithful to her - and it is a good solution for a woman who gets her primary sexual satisfaction from penetrative sex.

There is, however, another version of the lifestyle available to you: male chastity, long-term. In this case, the man is locked up for a month or more at a time before he is given release. In some cases, in fact, he is never allowed to have an orgasm again, and instead is "milked" so that he can ejaculate without orgasm several times a year.

So, why would a woman consider long-term instead of short-term male chastity? There are several reasons:

o If your climaxes come primarily from oral or digital stimulation. For many women, intercourse will never give them an orgasm. By placing your husband in chastity, he will become more aware of your needs and be a more sensitive lover, finding other ways to please you.

o If you want to bring romance back into your marriage. The fewer orgasms he has, the more romantic he will behave towards you. He will learn that your pleasure inevitable will lead to his pleasure.

o If his penis is smaller than average - he will learn to please you in so many other ways which will give him more confidence and allow him to forget about his inadequate package. Sex toys can offer endless possibilities for pleasure if penetration is a must.

o If you want him to do more chores around the house. Being locked up will give him a ton of energy that he'll need to direct somewhere. Why not have him use it to do the dishes and clean the bathroom?

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